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Music from the river-side

The PITA-SCHOOL is a multi-cultural, environmental and musical project. In the past 30 years we collected more than 60 musical instruments, waiting for you to be played in our music lounge and solar-powered recording studio…. We offer musical retreats for composers and other musicians, in a place which invites to slow down and relax, located in a green river-oasis right in the middle of the Andalusian desert.
As you can imagine, we are happy to receive musical donations in case you have any instrument, amplifier or even a Loop-station (whoop!) in your basement….!?

Listen to our collection of Jam Sessions and recordings!

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Musical Instruments


☉ Master-Keyboard, Yamaha 88 Keys
☉ Melodica, Hammond 44 Keys
☉ Sampling Keyboard, CASIO SK-5


☉ Classical Guitar, Yamaha G-240 II
☉ Acoustic Guitar, SEAGUL crafted in Canada
☉ Electric Guitar, Hohner Strat Special, 1988
☉ Electric Guitar, Fender Squier Tele Affinity
☉ Electric Guitar, Yamaha SF-600
☉ Electric Bass, Yamaha RBX-250
☉ Mandolin, Sigma
☉ Violin & Apache Violin
☉ Tee-Box-Bass


☉ Agave Flutes (in C, A & F minor pentatonic)
☉ KAVAL-Flute from Moldavia
☉ Agave Didgeridoos (several tunings)
☉ Agave Traversal Flute
☉ Block Flute in F
☉ Clarinet (Hamilton, USA)
☉ Bamboo-Saxophone
☉ Tin Whistle
☉ Harp (2x)
☉ Big Shell


☉ Timbe Drums (10x, different sizes)
☉ Agave Bongos
☉ Agave Guiros (several)
☉ Agave Udu’s (several)
☉ Agave Shakers & others (several)
☉ Agave Rocieras
☉ Cajón Flamenco, M.Martinez
☉ Castañuelas (3x)
☉ Darabuka (2x) & Djembé
☉ Cowbell & Agogo
☉ Tambourine
☉ Washboard
☉ Woodblocks
☉ Triangle (2x)
☉ Coco-Limba
☉ Vibra-Slap

Technical Equipment


☉ Shure SM58
☉ Samson S2
☉ Stereo Microphone, ZOOM H2
☉ Stereo Microphone, ZOOM R16

String Amplifiers

☉ 12V portable Guitar Amp, Consul (Aparillo)
☉ Extra Speaker, CELESTION
☉ 35w Bass Amplifier, DRIVE CD-200B


☉ Synthesizer Sound Module, ROLAND JV-1080
☉ Multi-Effects, Yamaha FX500
☉ Guitar Tube-Amp, Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine
☉ Wahwah Pedal, Cry baby


☉ 16 Track-Recorder/Interface/Controller (8 Tracks simultaneous), ZOOM R16, 24Bit Digital
☉ Digital Stereo Recorder (wav), ZOOM H2
☉ 12 Channel Mixing Desk, SPIRIT FOLIO LITE


☉ Cubase SX for mixing & mastering


☉ Technics RP-F290
☉ Philipps SHP 1900


☉ 250w Stereo Receiver, PIONEER SX 102
☉ 12V portable Guitar Amp & monitor with CELESTION extra Speaker, Consul (Aparillo)


☉ Philips-, Wunderton & CELESTION Speakers
☉ 12V portable Guitar Amp & monitor, Consul (Aparillo)

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The atmosphere of our artistic house has inspired many people in their music & art creation and we had quite a few musicians from different countries jamming with us in the previous years. Among them, Harkaitz Martinez & Mikel Ugarte (Oreka TX, Spain), Mo Brandis (Incognito, UK), Jonas Lundberg (Räfven, Sweden), Carlos Tato (El Bicho / Candelaria Libre, Spain), Batoto Yetu (Portugal), Max Brumberg (Germany/Spain), Ibo (Amsterdam) and Tini Thomsen (Amsterdam).

Instrument Gallery & Acoustic Spaces

Contact us

Asociación PITA-ESCUELA del Río Aguas
Los Molinos del Río Aguas, Buzón 88
04270 - SORBAS, Almería, España
Tlf.: +34/630 66 18 65 (Timbe)
E-Mail: pitaescuela@hotmail.com
Facebook: Pita Escuela