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Thematic Visits & Tours

In our Thematic Visits & Tours we approach the richness of the ecosystems of the Natural Park Karst en Yesos de Sorbas which is home to a variety of endemic species of fauna and flora.

WE INVITE you to discover a respectful way of life located in an old Eco-Village where we live off-grid with self-sustainable water and power supply. Tell me more

Music & Nature

WE ORGANIZE JAM SESSIONS and musical retreats for bands and composers. In a place that inspires the mind and stimulates the emotion, we invite to musical creation in an artistic space surrounded by pure nature. Our music studio contains a collection of more than 60 musical instruments…. Enter the music lounge


Quite a lot of people with certain passions and projects made their way to Los Molinos in the past! Some of them wanted to experiment with the agave wood, making new instruments or handicrafts. Others held flamenco or yoga courses. The Pita School is also a place for cultural exchange! If you have something in mind, let us know and we’ll set up the space for you! Tell me more