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Music from the River-Side

We fully believe that music and nature go together as lyrics and a melody.
We invite you to disconnect and enjoy musical creation in a quiet place surrounded by pure nature, an artistic space that inspires the mind and stimulates the emotion! The warm atmosphere of the house already inspired a good number of musicians from different countries playing with us during the last years… 
Our music studio has technical equipment for 16 track-recordings and a collection of more than 60 musical instruments collected in the last 30 years. Click on the arrows on the right side of this page to discover the vierity of instruments and equipment that we have available.
Apart from our Jam Sessions (ask us for up-comeing dates or follow us on Facebook) we organize music and nature camps that can include Workshops for the elaboration of your own musical instruments or rhythmic and recording workshops. In addition we offer the space for musicians and composers who want to be carried away by the magic of the place, an ideal space for retreat and musical creation.
We know that there is no other school like this one, but we are not saying that we are better, we are different because we give a great variety of options of life and raise consciousness on the responsibility that we have with music, nature and with each other.
Listen to our Jam Sessions and recordings!
Music from the river-side on Soundcloud!

Musical Instruments

☉ Master-Keyboard, Yamaha 88 Keys
☉ Melodica, Hammond 44 Keys
☉ Sampling Keyboard, CASIO SK-5

☉ Classical Guitar, Yamaha G-240 II
☉ Acoustic Guitar, SEAGUL crafted in Canada
☉ Electric Guitar, Hohner Strat Special, 1988
☉ Electric Guitar, Agave-Telecaster (Timbe 2016)
☉ Electric Guitar, Yamaha SF-600
☉ Electric Bass, Yamaha RBX-250
☉ Mandolin, Sigma
☉ Violin & Apache Violin
☉ Tee-Box-Bass

☉ Agave Flutes (in C, A & F minor pentatonic)
☉ KAVAL-Flute from Moldavia
☉ Agave Didgeridoos (several tunings)
☉ Agave Traversal Flute
☉ Block Flute in F
☉ Clarinet (Hamilton, USA)
☉ Bamboo-Saxophone
☉ Tin Whistle
☉ Harp (12x)
☉ Big Shell

☉ Timbe Drums (10x, different sizes)
☉ Agave Bongos
☉ Agave Guiros (several)
☉ Agave Udu’s (several)
☉ Agave Shakers & others (several)
☉ Agave Rocieras
☉ Cajón Flamenco, M.Martinez
☉ Castañuelas (3x)
☉ Darabuka (2x) & Djembé
☉ Cowbell & Agogo
☉ Tambourine
☉ Washboard
☉ Woodblocks
☉ Triangle (2x)
☉ Coco-Limba
☉ Vibra-Slap

Technical Equipment

☉ Shure SM58
☉ Samson S2
☉ Stereo Microphone, ZOOM H2
☉ Stereo Microphone, ZOOM R16

String Amplifiers
☉ 35w Guitar Amp, FENDER Acoustasonic 15
☉ 12V portable Guitar Amp, Consul (Aparillo)
☉ Extra Speaker, CELESTION
☉ 35w Bass Amplifier, DRIVE CD-200B

☉ Synthesizer Sound Module, ROLAND JV-1080
☉ Multi-Effects, Yamaha FX500
☉ Guitar Tube-Amp, Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine
☉ Wahwah Pedal, Cry baby

☉ 16 Track-Recorder/Interface/Controller (8 Tracks simultaneous), ZOOM R16, 24Bit Digital
☉ Digital Stereo Recorder (wav), ZOOM H2
☉ 12 Channel Mixing Desk, SPIRIT FOLIO LITE

☉ Cubase SX for mixing & mastering

☉ Technics RP-F290
☉ Philipps SHP 1900

☉ 250w Stereo Receiver, PIONEER SX 102
☉ 12V portable Guitar Amp & monitor with CELESTION extra Speaker, Consul (Aparillo)

☉ TANNOY Reveal 402, Active Studio Monitors, 50W
☉ Philips-, Wunderton & CELESTION Speakers
☉ 12V portable Guitar Amp & monitor, Consul (Aparillo)
The atmosphere of our artistic house has inspired many people in their music & art creation and we had quite a few musicians from different countries jamming with us in the previous years. Among them, Mo Brandis (Incognito, UK), Antonio de Haro (Pablo Alborán, Spain), Jonas Lundberg (Räfven, Sweden), Carlos Tato (El Bicho / Candelaria Libre, Spain), Harkaitz Martinez & Mikel Ugarte (Oreka TX, Spain), Batoto Yetu (Portugal), Max Brumberg (Germany/Spain), Ibo (Amsterdam) and Tini Thomsen (Amsterdam).

Instrument Gallery & Acoustic Spaces

Contact us

Asociación PITA-ESCUELA del Río Aguas
Los Molinos del Río Aguas, Buzón 88
04270 - SORBAS, Almería, España
Tlf.: +34/630 66 18 65 (Timbe)
E-Mail: pitaescuela@hotmail.com
Facebook: Pita Escuela