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Asociación PITA-ESCUELA del Río Aguas
Los Molinos del Río Aguas, Buzón 88
04270 - SORBAS, Almería, España
Tlf.: +34/630 66 18 65 (Timbe)
Facebook: Pita Escuela

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    Europe’s only Agave School

    Making music and working with the Agave go hand in hand. Our passion is the 100% sostainable wood from the desert. Since more than 20 years we have specialized on working with the flower stem of the Agave plant, creating handcrafted musical instruments and many other items. The Agave is an educational experience and we welcome you to discover it’s history and our unique story.
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    Grow Happiness!

    The Pita-Escuela is a platform to exchange knowledge and to interconnect cooperatives, NGO’s, companies and individuals to develop agave related projects. We want to promote the agave as a life-enriching plant and spread the word about its beneficial use. To reach our goals, we offer workshops and activities in Andalusia, Spain, where we are currently based.
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    Agave: The Century Plant

    The Agave is a zero-waste plant. Every single part of the plant can be used, whether it’s the wood, the leaves, the roots, the flowers or the kernel (piña). Products are ranging from handicrafts and musical instruments to sisal fibers, Tequila and even to the production of bio-plastics and bio-fuels. The Agave entails a lot of possibilities to create sustainable jobs and fosters improved standard of living in arid regions.