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Our products are exclusively hand-made by members of the Association PITA-ESCUELA del Río Aguas. Due to a careful selection of the materials, with expertise garnered from 20 years of experience, our articles are characterized by their excellent quality of unique pieces. Only natural oils are used to achieve an adequate finish: linseed, camelia, almond and orange.
As the life of the agave plant ends after its time of flowering, the wood from the desert is only harvested when the plant is already dead; for us, it’s the right time to give new life to it in the form of music and art. This turns our products into important messengers who respect our environment and further the use of sustainable resources that surround us.

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Asociación PITA-ESCUELA del Río Aguas
Los Molinos del Río Aguas, Buzón 88
04270 - SORBAS, Almería, España
Tlf.: +34/630 66 18 65 (Timbe)
E-Mail: pitaescuela@hotmail.com
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